1310nm Internal Optical Transmitter

Item No.: VT-8610M
VT-8610M indoor optical transmitter is a 1310nm optical wavelength RF signal transmission device in HFC broadband transmission network. The product adopts the direct light intensity modulation method, the lower working input RF signal level requirements,
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Description Features Technical Parameter
VTA-1510D indoor series optical transmitter is an externally modulated optical transmitter using a 1550nm DFB laser. The product uses a highly linear and low noise distributed feedback laser (DFB) and self-developed pre-distortion processing technology to ensure excellent performance indicators and high overall machine reliability; it has a working frequency bandwidth, large transmission capacity, and small non-linear distortion Features: automatic optical power control circuit, automatic laser temperature control circuit, laser protection circuit and laser slow start circuit can effectively extend the working life of the laser and ensure the stability of the output optical power when the laser is working for a long time.

The imported famous brand low-noise, high-power, high-reliability 1550nm DBF laser and LiNbO3 external modulator with pre-distortion processing function are selected. The excellent non-linear index provides strong technical support for CATV signals to achieve long-distance transmission. Amplifier cooperation can well solve the large area coverage of users of HFC networks.

The MCU microprocessor circuit, SBS suppression circuit and ALC automatic power control circuit in the product can be used to accurately monitor all the working state parameters of the laser. Each state parameter can be directly obtained by the LCM / VFD on the front panel or remotely through the RS232 serial interface. monitor.




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1. Frequency Range: 45~862MHz.
2. RF- input level: 75dBμV~85dBμV.
3.Out wavelength: 1550nm ± 10mW
4.Out Optical power : ( 6、8、10mW )
5. ATC/APC circuit makes the stability of the functions.
6. MCU monitor the status , LCM/VFD display the status, customer can test parameters at any time.
7. Large area heating-fast,improve the reliability of the equipment.  
8. RF input point and power supply with lightning protection,ensures safety.
9. 19 inch 1U design for installation.
Wavelength nm 1550±5
Output power dBm 2~10
Optical return losee dB ≥60
Bandwidth MHz 47~865/1000
Input level dBuV 75~85
Flatness dB ±0.75
Input inpedance Ω 75
RF return losee dB >16
CNR dB ≥51
CSO dB ≥60
CTB dB ≥65
Power V 90~265AC
Working temp 0~50
Storage temp -20~85
Max Distance KM 20