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We invite you to participate in WOLCK “The 9th Brazil International Communication Exhibition NETCOM 2019”

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Update time : 2019-05-14 14:54:39

Exhibition Introduction

The International Communication Exhibition (Netcom) is the most professional communication exhibition in Central and South America. It has been successfully held for 8 sessions (two years) and is organized by ARANDA, a well-known industry exhibition association in Brazil. The show invites all well-known industry buyers in the South American communications industry, including: telecommunications, networking and IT professionals, system integrators from corporations (industrial, commercial and service companies) and public administrations (federal, state and local administration) , designer and system design consultants, installation and technical service contractors, telecommunications manufacturers, VADs and VARs, ISPs and WISPs, telecommunications companies and their service providers, network telecommunications manufacturers, automotive electronics, IoT industry chain buyers, Government purchasers, educational research institutions, etc.
More than 220 exhibitors participated in 2017, with approximately 7,500 visitors and approximately 400 conference participants. Including Brazilian mobile operators such as Vivo and TIM (Brazil's mobile communications market, with four leading operators, Vivo, TIM, CLARO and OI), VERTIV (Emerson Network Energy), SCHNEIDER, WDC, etc.
WOLCK will be exhibiting at the show: EPON network equipment, GPON network equipment, CATV fiber transmission equipment, CATV cable transmission equipment, and fiber optic transceivers.

Exhibition time: August 27-29, 2019
Booth No: B14C
Venue: Brazil Sao Paulo Northern Exhibition Center