1550nm Internal Optical Transmitter

Item No.: VTA- 1504D
The VTA-1504D fiber amplifier EDFA is a 1550nm optical wavelength signal transmission device in the HFC broadband transmission network.
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CATV 1550nm Optical Transmitter(VT-15XXD)
  • Frequency Range: 45~862MHz.
  • RF- input level: 75dBμV~85dBμV.
  • Out wavelength: 1550nm ± 10mW
  • Out Optical power : ( 6810mW )
  • ATC/APC circuit makes the stability of the functions.
  • MCU monitor the status , LCM/VFD display the status, customer can
test parameters at any time.
(7) Large area heating-fast,improve the reliability of the equipment.  
(8) RF input point and power supply with lightning protection,
ensures safety.
(9) 19 inch 1U design for installation.
Electric Parameter:
Bandwidth 45~750/862MHz
Flatness ±0.75dB
Input Return Loss 16dB(45~750/862MHz)
Input Impedance 75Ω
RF Gain Adjustment Range 0~10dB(AGC/MGC)
RF Input Signal Level Range 75dBμV~85dBμV
RF Connector Model F-connector(mm/inch)
Power Supply 220V(110 ~265V/50Hz)
Optical  Parameter:
Laser  Type DFB
Optical wavelength 1550nm ± 10nm
Optical Power(Optical Path Loss) 6810mW
Optical Fibre Type SM9/125μm
Optical Connector FC/APC,SC/APC
Path  Parameter:
CNR 51dB
C/CSO -60dB
C/CTB -65dB
Environment  Parametre:
Storage Temperature -10~+55
Humidity 80
Op.T.,Humidity 5~40℃,5~70
-10~+55℃≤80%  Non-acidity
Dimension L480mm×B350mm×H45mm
Weight 6.0kgs(Max.)